Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by Ilene Hoffman, MacNN
Excellent sound. Innovative and easy to use interface. Works with dock-enabled iPods. Light weight.
Testimonial by Grant A.
I received my iMuffs about a week ago and I am super impressed with them !! I should imagine you will be getting a couple more orders from this neck of the woods as each person I have demo-ed them to has said that they want some too.
Testimonial by Ashley T.
Thank you they are great.
Testimonial by Glenn S.
You have to try these headphones. They work exactly as advertised (MB210b). Except the user manual says to turn your bluetooth phone on first in discover mode and then turn on your iMuffs on. Well that didn't work on my RAZR phone. I had to turn on the iMuffs first and then have my phone search for it. The sound of music is very good. For best results I have my iPod (60GB video) on at one-third volume and then adjust the iMuffs to the desired volume. These things are amazing and I wouldn't be surprised if in the future, Apple may sell new versions of iPod with wireless headphones. It just seems so logical.
Testimonial by Diana W.
Lovely, as described, fast shipping. Thank you!
Testimonial by Frank W.
The quality of sound is good and loud.
Testimonial by Chaz L.
Thanks again for a great product. I'm especially pleased with the battery life. I'm so used to having electronics that need re-charged frequently or chew through batteries. I was suprised at the longevity of my iPod's battery & even more so that I've never had the battery in the iMuffs die before the iPod needs a recharge.
Testimonial by Sean B.
THEY'RE BRILLIANT!!! I can't believe I ever lived without them
Testimonial by Steve B.
I don't think I've ever been prompted to write a company about a product, but iMuffs are THE product I've been looking for and just didn't know it! Earbuds fall out of my ears, in-ear headphones are tiresome after a short time and also echo footfalls into your head when walking or running -- iMuffs, however, seem to have none of these issues. AND wireless! I'm hard-pressed to come up with anything I'd change about them -- great product and worth every penny!
Testimonial by Brandon J.
Quick delivery. Arrived way before expected date. Work flawlessly. Hip and worth the money. Kudos!
Testimonial by George Y.
I just want to tell you how much I enjoy my i-muffs. I use them every day as I walk and ride around NYC and they work great. I can't understand why all the other Pod People put up with their wires! They also work great on the slopes when I snowboard. When my imuffs had a problem recharging, you took care of the problem with no fuss and sent me a new pair. I can't say enough about your excellent product and customer service, so I will shut up now.
Testimonial by Mary Shedden / The Tampa Tribune
The best part, without a doubt, is the sound. Music heard via the iMuffs comes through louder, clearer and more balanced than the iPod ear buds provided by Apple.

Full Review at The Tampa Tribune
Testimonial by Mike E.
I have just completed the London Marathon along with a pair of iMUFFs. They were superb; they were comfortable and retained their position on my ears throughout the run. They even passed through a cooling shower on the course, sweat was not an issue. A great design feature of this product is that my iPOD could be controlled from the iMUFFS themselves, so I wasnt forever in and out of my iPOD holder locating tracks. I got a few glancing looks as people saw the distinctive headset, but, what? no wires? That is Bluetooth for you I had downloaded a variety of songs (Keep on Running, Highway to Hell, Stairway to Heaven etc etc) to keep me motivated for the 26.2 miles. Each song came through clear, the sound was great. I will be using these as I train for more runs. Congratulations Wi-Gear; a great product.
Testimonial by Michael M.
I have received my iMuffs. They came in about 4 days. So far I have connected them to my iPod, cell phone and computer. All very easy to do. They have been great. One of the best electronic purchases I have made. Can't say enough about them. And the sound is fantastic.
Testimonial by Tom Ros, Boston Herald
best-sounding Bluetooth headphones Iíve tested
Testimonial by Lee M.
This is one of the best ipod accessory purchases I've made. The sound quality is better than my ibuds that came with the ipod, and I love not having a wire connecting me to my ipod. The initial pairing to my ipod and palm treo 800 was very easy and it works well for the most part. ... The headphones are very comfortable and the remote on the headset works great. You can pause, play, search, skip all from the headset- no problems with that. ... overall the headset is great.
Testimonial by Joe C.
I recently purchased the new iMuffs for my 60GB video iPod. Let me say I LOVE my iMuffs. These Bluetooth earphones work great with my iPod, my Motorola E-815 cell phone and my PC using a Motorola PC850 USB Bluetooth PC adapter. I recommend this product to all iPod owners.
Testimonial by C.P.
A whole new experience! They're light and comfortable but it's hard explaining how amazing it is not being tethered to you iPod. I'm not an audio expert but I can vouch that the sound quality is great and comparable to the earbuds. All I have to say is try it and you'll never go back!
Testimonial by Donald P.
These headphones are great! Easy to install, good manual and they work as advertised. I love being untethered, because I like use my ipod when excerising. I have a bluetooth phone and it works perfectly with it. The controls/buttons are easy to access and use.
Testimonial by Heather A.
Received my iMuffs last night and I love it! Thanks a lot, and I'm glad I waited!
Testimonial by Muffman
It is one size fits all, but they are light and comfortable. ... They are however great for everyday use and have a long range. At work I leave the iPod at my desk and can go up or down a floor in the building and never loose reception.
Testimonial by Kevin M.
Thanks fot getting me the new head set for my Imuffs !! It is my favorite part of traveling... They are light and easy to work with .. Without having to worry about that pesky cord getting pulled out.. Or the earpiece being pulled from my ears...
Testimonial by Sterling M.
Wow! I recieved my imuffs adaptor yesterday. Thanks. I'm VERY impressed with it's small size and big range. Count me as a satidfied customer, this thing rocks!
Testimonial by Kerry Woo / Gear Diary
Iíve been using the iMuffs for several weeks now and can say without hesitation, it would be extremely difficult to ever wear wired ear buds again. Ideal for walking, exercising or simply wanting to listen to music around the house in full stereo sound while cooking or cleaning is simply bliss.

Full Review at Gear Diary
Testimonial by R.V.
what a product!! this product is great!! good sound quality! easy to use and set up. ... it is great that it doesnt have wires, now you can listen to music without others seeing it if you wear a hood. worth the money
Testimonial by Margo B.
We recieved the my daughter said, you are the best!!! Thank you
Testimonial by D.N.
Great product! I can't believe I'm writing a review for something...but here goes...these things are GREAT! Yeah, I know people will tease you a litttle 'cause they're bigger than the in-ear models most people have, and they do have an unfortunate name, but the first time you put them on, experience the amazing sound WIRELESSLY...and THEN, when you phone rings, pick up the call ON THE'll be hooked! I LOVE these things! A couple hiccups picking up the ipod again off of a call, but a minor problem compared to the ease of use. And hey, really, if people give you a hard time, just turn up the music and shine 'em on...'cause they just don't get how truly wonderful these are!
Testimonial by David S.
Very professional customer service. I had install problems but they walked me through them via e mail. Very impresed and I would do business with them again because of the service.
Testimonial by M.K.
Simply the BEST!!!! I bought these the other day and they are just great. They fit my head fine and are terrific when I'm on the treadmill. The sound quality is awesome and the ease of use is great too. I only wish that they could fold up...but can't have everything. I had bought the Bose in-ear headphones 2 weeks ago and they were good...but can't compare to wireless. The Bose are going back tomorrow. Try these and you'll love 'em!!!!
Testimonial by J.S.
Awesome Headphones! I think these headphones are great. I love the fact that you can change the songs on the headphones. Now when I am on the treadmill I dont have to worry about getting caught up in the wires and pulling out the headphones. Great sound.
Testimonial by ilse72
I can't wear earbud headphones due to small ears. The buds just will no stay in. These were a perfect answer for me. They are light, small and have great sound quality. You also have the option of linking it to your cell phone so you can answer it if i rings while you are using your iPod. I love the wireless feature as well since I can now work out without getting the cord caught on things.
Testimonial by Philip H.
I received my headset fine and am very happy with the unit.
Testimonial by David L.
I must say that overall, I love them! It was worth the wait!
Testimonial by J.R.
great! i love my imuffs! they're cool, handy, and cordless! i love not having to deal with those stupid cords. people say they suck cause it's not adjustable, but it doesn't matter! the loop part is behind your head and just sits there anyway. they just want a reason to hate it. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE!!
Testimonial by Dennis S.
Your product and customer service are A+. I have and will continue to recommend the product.
Testimonial by Oliver H.
my imuff arrived today - it is great! it's like having an ipod for the first time - again! and without wires!!!
Testimonial by Ronnie Gill /
iMuffs make a fine wireless traveling companion at your hotel, or for hiking, biking or touring.

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Testimonial by Lin E.
We received the IMuffs yesterday, my son charged them last night, and they work perfectly!! He absolutely loves them! Thanks so much for your help!!!
Testimonial by Tim G.
Now that I have these I can't imagine owning an IPOD without them. Easy to install, plug-and-play. Sound quality is great and no more wires. My biggest use for my IPOD is when I workout on the treadmill. The cord from the headphones would always be in the way and I would end up pulling the ear pieces out several times during the workout. They fit snug, no moving or shifting during the exercise. And when my phone rings the music pauses and I can answer the phone using the headset, what an awesome feature. This product is well worth the price.
Testimonial by Rosie Y.
So I just got my imuffs MB210 in the mail and am loving them after only 5 minutes. They are really easy to use, and I can't wait to get them to the gym. If you suddenly get a bunch of orders from Montreal, assume I am singing your praises! Also, I have to thank you for the super fast shipping.
Testimonial by William J
They are pricey but well worth it. I think they are very comfortable and functional. Because of the behind the head design, they are comfortable in bed or working out. The design is such that they lodge over the top of the ear and add great stabilitly if you are moving around or exercising. I have had no problems with the iMuffs and the ipod being separated over 30 feet. I have an ipod video and like the fact that it connects to the bottom port and not the top. Sound quality is awesome and controls on the right earpiece work very well. Best part is no cords or wires, Bluetooth rules and this product has version 2.0, not 1.2. I am looking to purchase a Motorola Q phone and am pleased to hear it works well with my iMuffs. Great purchase if you can afford it.
Testimonial by Vince H.
These things ROCK!
Testimonial by S.O.
best headphones ever the best headphones that i have the sound of them are relly good i have herd my music from all the athers and they are not as good these headphones are un defeted + every one that i know like them and are buying them i love the headphones good job guys just make more wireless headphones.
Testimonial by Karen V.
Ya know, I just gotta say that you guys are a class act! It is a pleasure doing business (especially e-business) with quality people. Do you guys sell cars ?
Testimonial by James V.
Best damn iPod add-on I ever bought (and I seem to buy them all).
Testimonial by Cary C.
So far i have used my iMuff head phones for 2 days and i love them. They are compact, easy to use, have great sound quality and they dont feel as if they will break when i use them like some other iPod blue tooth head phones i used in the past.
Testimonial by K. F.
thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, got these for Christmas to use with my original 2 G i-phone. Absolutely no glitches at all!!!! Thank god I'm finally wireless. I could never use the earbuds as they never fit in my ears, I hated the wires and everything else about the i-phone earbuds. I almost could not believe they actually worked. Not only do they work, the sound is incredible and far more superior than the high end ear-buds. The headset is absolutely comfortable and very easy to use. Added bonus:I have also paired the i-muffs with my MAC computer with no problems. I can listen to I-tunes and other applications with the I-muffs from the computer. Right now, I am the happiest person alive!!! I would only be too happy to be a spokes person for your product! Merry Christmas!!!
Testimonial by Terry J.
boy I love your company-- you actually write back!
Testimonial by Greyboar
The headphones are lighter than the Logitech model and fit my large head better also, after a while the Logitech make my head ache. ... The sound is good and the controls are easy to work.
Testimonial by Ron F.
Love em, what I have been waiting for for 2+ years!
Testimonial by Billy B.
You can put me on your list of VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!!! My iMuffs arrived the other day and were very simple to understand right out of the box... The instruction manual was very clear and concise... they performed as they claim they do, (at first, I was a bit skeptical) and they were very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I work outdoors on a forklift at a lumberyard and they were simply amazing for 6 straight hours of use, before I was ready to leave for the day... I only briefly turned them off while getting ready to punch out. The guys all think I'm "Mr. Hi-Tech" now and I can tell that they envy these iMuffs. You Have A Wonderful Product Here! And to those of you shopping around, you just gotta get a pair of these! NUFF SAID.
Testimonial by Devin G.
Well, i just got my black iMuffs at my door today, and they are amazing. I can leave them in another room, and go down the hall of my house and I have 100% perfect quality. You'll be seeing some referred customers from me.
Testimonial by iMuff n Tuff
As a qualified Audio & IT Engineer, I can honestly say the sound quality is brilliant. Deep basses, in fact great reproduction across the range. Better than I expected (especially after the motorola stereo bluetooth headset).
Testimonial by Linda E.
I originally ordered the IMuffs MB200 and when I received it I called Wi-Gear to make sure it would work with my son's video iPod. It wouldn't but the MB210 would. They were extremely helpful, had me return the MB200 to them and then they shipped the MB210 to me. I read the short manual, charged the headphones, and they worked!! Can't say enough about how nice, helpful, and knowledgeable the Wi-Gear people are! Couldn't believe the iMuffs worked right away with no issues, after reading some of the other reviews on the MB200, but these work flawlessly.
Testimonial by Dan W.
Wow!!! I never realized how good my ipod photo could sound!!! I have been using this all day and am as excited with my iMuffs as I was with my iPod. I wear an xlarge hat size and these fit just fine....the sound is fantastic.....out of the box the coverage distance was 32 ft.......just plug and took me all of about 2 minutes to master the controls.....I have always hated the cords - almost bought the logitech version until I read their negative reviews.........for me this changes my iPod from something that is nice to something that is super cool.....oh yeah, very comfortable also................thanks for a great where's my cell phone...............
Testimonial by B.B.
Great Buy!!! These headphones are working great so far! I have even sync'd them up with my bluetooth phone and I love how it pauses the music, I answer the call, and when I'm done, the music starts right back up!! TOP NOTCH SOUND QUALITY TOO!!! You should definately give them a try!
Testimonial by Donna B
i bought the imuffs as a grad gift for a friend of mine. she says they work really great and that the sound quality is very crisp and clear. and that the radius is great! so i would reccomend them for sure!!
Testimonial by W.B.
The Imuffs are a surprisng headphone set. In my opinion the sound is comparable to the Bose Quiet Comfort series headphones. I own two pair of the Bose and recommend this headset over the Bose. The Wireless functionality of the headset FREAKIN ROCKS! Bye Bye to the wires and hello to some incredible clarity, simplicity packed onto a feather weight frame. Get a Pair you will save a ton of cash and certainly will enjoy your Itunes.
Testimonial by Isaac R.
Got them! They work great! Crushes the Logitech stuff I had before.
Testimonial by Alex M.
So far so good, they are working well...I charged them last night and wore them this morning as i cycled 16km along the banks of the yarra river into Melbourne CBD - the sound quality was excellent and I even had a call on my cell phone which was nicely picked up as i was negotiating the car park entrance to my office. very pleased!!!
Testimonial by Jason Tomczak / Digital Trends
The iMuffs are easily the best sounding Bluetooth headphones weíve ever used.

Full Review at Digital Trends
Testimonial by "another guest"
they're extremly comfortable. you will come up with excuses to have it on your head
Testimonial by Robert M.
The USB charger is a nice feature. ... The headset works great and feels great to wear. Clear sound and easy to control.
Testimonial by Guillermo C.
Great product and excellent service. Congrats.
Testimonial by John T.
I received my unit and it is the best damn electronic device on the market at this time.
Testimonial by Justo S.
Prompt delivery. Excellent product
Testimonial by S.H.
Great headphones I often walk to work and it is wonderful to now be able to toss my ipod in my purse and still have total control over what I want to hear without getting my purse straps and/or hands caught up in wires. Great sound quality too.